Donor horse serum, US orgin, HyClone™

Dodávateľ: HyClone products (Cytiva)
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HYCLSH30074.02 HYCLSH30074.03HI HYCLSH30074.02HI HYCLSH30074.03
Donor horse serum, US orgin, HyClone™
HyClone™ donor horse serum, designed to supplement cell growth, is collected from selected donor herds that receive regular veterinary inspection and care.

  • Horses are bled in an enclosed facility that is specially equipped for aseptic collection
  • Coggins tests for equine infectious anemia are routinely performed on each horse
  • Serum filtered using sequential 100 nm pore-size rated filters

Supports hybridoma and antibody production. Meets specifications of \<=10EU/mL of endotoxin and \<=10mg/dL of hemoglobin. Filtered through triple 100nm pore-size rated filtration system. A biochemical profile is supplied.

Objednávacie informácie: All equine sera are packaged in PETG bottles.
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