Desalting chromatography cartridges, 7K MWCO, Zeba™

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Desalting chromatography cartridges, 7K MWCO, Zeba™
Kolony chromatografické
The Zeba™ Desalting Chromatography Cartridges, 7K MWCO, contain a high-performance resin for desalting or buffer exchange applications. This resin is ideal for removing low molecular weight compounds including salts, fluorescent dyes, biotin and other small labeling reagents. Zeba™ Desalting Cartridges provide fast, easy and reproducible chromatographic separations and can be regenerated for multiple uses. They efficiently process samples from 50 to 1500 µl.

  • Low-binding resin maximises protein recovery
  • No fraction screening or waiting for protein to emerge by gravity-flow
  • No cumbersome column preparation or equilibration making it easy to use

Zeba™ Desalting cartridge fittings are convenient, ready to use devices compatible with the major automated liquid-chromatography systems or for manual syringe processing. The cartridges attach directly to ÄKTA™ or FPLC Systems without additional connectors. An accessory pack included with each product readily adapts cartridges for use with Luer syringe fittings or ¹/₁₆" tubing.

Informace o dodávce: Each column pack contains one accessory pack with one female Luer-Lok® adapter, one connector fitting, one column plug and five bottom caps.
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