Reactive dye conjugates

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Reactive dye conjugates
Systémy pro spojování a značení proteinů
Reactive dyes containing an amine functional group.

ARP (N-(Aminooxyacetyl)-N’-(D-biotinoyl)hydrazine, trifluoroacetic acid salt) reacts with the exposed aldehyde group formed at abasic sites in damaged DNA, allowing the DNA to be labeled with biotin groups. The labeled DNA can then be quantitated with fluorescent or enzyme-conjugated streptavidin complexes. ARP can freely cross the cell membranes, thus allowing detection of abasic sites in living cells. ARP is suitable for use in microplate assays.

Aminooxy reagents, such as aminooxy-5(6)-FAM, react with aldehydes or ketones to form a stable hydrazone compound under mild conditions. Similar to ARP, aminooxy-5(6)-FAM can be used to label abasic sites in damaged DNA.

Dye conjugates to PEO3-amine have a long water-soluble PEG spacer that separates the fluorescent dye and the amine functional group. These dyes can be coupled to activated carboxy groups or sulfonyl chlorides. Cadaverine conjugates can be coupled to activated carboxy groups or sulfonyl chlorides.
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