Blotting membranes, PVDF, TotalBLOT+™

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Blotting membranes, PVDF, TotalBLOT+™
Membrány transferové
TotalBLOT+™ PVDF membranes are naturally hydrophobic membranes which exhibit strong hydrophobic interactions with a wide range of proteins.

  • Chemically resistant and does not shrink or disfigure during destaining in methanol
  • Pure white microporous solid phase support
  • Allows sensitive immuno-detection down to nanogram or picogram levels
  • Direct visualisation of immobilised proteins with all common staining reagents, including Coomassie Blue, Amido Black, and Ponceau S
  • Pore size: 0,2 µm

TotalBLOT+™ PVDF membranes are ideal for Western transfers, protein binding assays and membrane bound protein sequencing. In addition, resistance to trichloroacetic acid and triethylamine allows direct insertion of the membrane into amino acid analysers and gas phase protein sequencing systems.
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