Crucibles, zirconium

Dodávateľ: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Crucibles, zirconium
These crucibles are manufactured from zirconium. Available in low form and straight wall types.

  • Improper heating over a Bunsen burner will not cause the reducible contents to be converted into harmful, low-fusing metals which may react with the vessel
  • Special apparatus is not required for handling hot crucibles
  • Sudden contact with cold, metallic surfaces will have no harmful effect
  • The inherent strength of zirconium precludes the necessity of reinforced rims and thicker bottoms

Each zirconium crucible is handmade to an exacting tolerance for uniform wall thickness. They are produced under the most stringent requirements to ensure ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and chemical purity.

Note: The only cleaning agent which should not be used to clean zirconium crucibles is hydrofluoric acid.
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