Fast DNA™ SPIN Kit for Faeces

Dodávateľ: MP Biomedicals
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Fast DNA™ SPIN Kit for Faeces
Činidla pro nukleové kyseliny Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and Reagents
The Fast DNA® SPIN Kit for Faeces quickly and efficiently isolates PCR-ready genomic DNA from fresh or frozen human and animal stool samples.

The FastDNA® SPIN Kit for faeces is designed for use with the FastPrep® instruments. Host cells as well as bacteria, fungi, viruses, protists and other cells present in faecal samples are easily lysed within 40 seconds. These benchtop devices use a unique, optimised motion that provide an extremely quick, efficient and highly reproducible homogenisation that surpasses traditional extraction methods.

Samples are placed into 2,0 ml tubes containing Lysing Matrix E, a mixture of ceramic and silica particles designed to efficiently lyse all stool organisms. Stool samples are pre-treated by washing in a Pre-Lysis Buffer. Homogenisation takes place in the presence of MT Buffer and Sodium Phosphate Buffer. The pre-lysing and lysing reagents were carefully developed to protect and solubilise nucleic acids upon cell lysis, facilitate extraction of genomic DNA, and minimise RNA, humic acid or polyphenol contamination. Following lysis, samples are centrifuged to pellet debris and lysing matrix. DNA is purified from the supernatant with a silica-based GENECLEAN® procedure using SPIN filters. Eluted DNA is ready for digestion, electrophoresis, PCR and any other desired application.

For research purposes only.

Informace o dodávce: Kit contains Lysing Matrix E, 50×2,0 ml tubes; PLS Solution, 25 ml; MT Buffer, 8 ml;, Sodium Phosphate Buffer, 100 ml; PPS, 25 ml; Binding Matrix, 66 ml; Wash Buffer #1, 120 ml; Wash Buffer #2, 12 ml; TES, 20 ml; BBS Gel Loading Dye, 200 µl; SPIN Filter Tubes, 50 each; and Catch Tubes, 50 each.
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