Fast RNA™ Pro Soil-Direct Kit

Dodávateľ: MP Biomedicals
ICNA116070050EA 665.31 EUR
Fast RNA™ Pro Soil-Direct Kit
Činidla pro nukleové kyseliny Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and Reagents
FastRNA™ Pro Soil-Direct Kit is used to isolate total RNA from organic material found in soil samples. The total RNA isolated is suitable for RT-PCR analysis and other downstream applications.

For research purposes only.

Informace o dodávce: Kit contains RNApro™ Soil Lysis Solution, 55 ml; Phenol:Chloroform (1:1), 50 ml; Inhibitor Removal Solution, 12 ml; RNAMATRIX® Slurry, 0,6 ml; RNAMATRIX® Binding Solution, 35 ml; RNAMATRIX® Wash Solution Concentrate, 15 ml; DEPC-treated H2O, 30 ml; Lysing Matrix E, 50×2 ml tubes; and Quick-Clean Spin Filters.
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