Cryopreservation media, Cellvation

Dodávateľ: MP Biomedicals
ICNA0920300M2EA 361.61 EUR
Cryopreservation media, Cellvation
Média k mražení buněk
Cellvation is a cryopreservation medium designed for optimal cell recovery and convenience.

  • Optimal cell recovery and convenience
  • No DMSO or serum
  • Animal component free
  • Preserve stem cells, hepatocytes, and tissue samples.

Cellvation does not contain DMSO or serum, and is scientifically engineered for serum-free cultures, as well as being ideally suited for all types of serum. Cellvation cryopreservation media is animal-component-free and has been shown to preserve the potential of stem cells for differentiation. In addition, the medium is recommended for the preservation of hepatocytes, tissue samples, and a wide variety of cell types and established cell lines.
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