Environmental Monitoring Solutions, RmoniWeb Validated

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Environmental Monitoring Solutions, RmoniWeb Validated
Systémy monitorování Systémy monitorování CO2 a teploty
Rmoni offers complete end-2-end sensor solutions to set up an Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS) in hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and cleanrooms. Keeping track of all critical parameters including temperature, humidity and many more. Ensuring product and process integrity during storage, handling and as well as transportation.

  • Integrated EMS solutions for labs, healthcare and pharma
  • Sensors, digital checklists and professional services (including support and service level agreements, (re-)calibration, installation and training)
  • FDA 21 part 11 compliant for GxP
  • Used by industry leaders throughout Europe

Wireless sensor devices are installed either within or on the surfaces of cold and hot cabinets, ranging from cryogenic vessels and ultra-low freezer up to incubators and ovens. Measurements are done at preset intervals and transmitted via wireless connection to a central wireless gateway. The primary technology used is Zigbee technology, other options include Wifi and Bluetooth. If the wireless network's coverage needs extension due to distance or obstacles, wireless repeaters are easily inserted to extend the range of the wireless network.

The sensor devices come in two series: Quad and Rmono.
• Choose the Rmono series when dealing with standard freezers, refrigerators and incubators.
• Choose the Quad series for higher specifications or more sensor probes per device to economize centralized services.

The sensor probes are available in a wide range of parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, delta pressure, APC (Airborne Particle Counter), 4...20mA signals. For each parameter, choose the proper range and build (eg. ultra-low temperature, teflon cable, thin cable designed for door feedthrough).

All data collected from the sensors is sent to our easy-to-use software solution, RmoniWeb Validated. This software solution is designed as a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS), equipped with all the functionalities you need to be fully in control. On top of that the software is API-driven, which increases the integration capabilities.

RmoniWeb Validated is developed in line with GAMP5 second edition, built around functional specifications that match generic GxP User Requirements Specifications (URS). The software is pre-validated following an Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) Protocol and Test Report. An IQ and OQ test protocol are offered to validate the hardware installation on-site. This can be executed by either the customer, a Rmoni partner or and external Validation consultant.

Objednávacie informácie: All components of the system need to be ordered separately. For information regarding installation, calibration and other services, please contact your local Avantor customer service centre. To get the best possible solution for your organization, we suggest reaching out.
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