Stroje sítovací, Tyler Ro-Tap®

Dodávateľ: Haver & Boecker
Tyler Ro-Tap®
510-1034EA 7917.49 EUR
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Stroje sítovací, Tyler Ro-Tap®
Třepačky Stroje sítovací
For dry sieving. Tyler Ro-Tap® shakers RX 29 CE and RX 30 CE reproduce the circular and tapping motion of hand sieving, but in a repeatable mechanical action. This sieve shaker makes a circular movement of the sieve stack and a mechanical arm makes a tapping movement on the top of the sieve stack, thus creating a perfect and repeatable imitation of hand shaking with additional tapping of the sieve on the side. They are operated in a totally enclosed cabinet, which guarantees the safety of the operator, and reduces the sound emissions significantly.

  • Rotation frequency: 278 min⁻¹; tapping frequency 150 min⁻¹
  • Separate control device, mounted on the side of the enclosure
  • Max. weight of full sieve tower: 3 kg (net load)
  • Timer function: 0 to 99 minutes
  • Sound emission: <70 dB(A) (with standard sound-absorbing enclosure)

The Ro-Tap® shaker RX 29 CE accepts sieves up to 203 mm diameter. The Ro-Tap® shaker RX 30 CE accepts sieves up to 305 mm diameter. Spare parts are available, please contact your local Avantor sales office for details.

Informace o dodávce: RX 29 s upínacím systémem pro 6 standardních a 13 sít s poloviční výškou, zařízení RX 30 je dodáváno s upínacím systémem pro 5 standardních nebo 8 sít s poloviční výškou.

Informace o dodávce: RX 29: Includes clamping system for 6 standard or 13 half height sieves.
RX 30: Includes clamping system for 5 standard or 8 half height sieves.
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