Cleaning solution, ES 7X™

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Cleaning solution, ES 7X™
Prostředky čistící Detergenty a povrchové čističe
Safe and effective cleaning solution for laboratory instruments and plastic, glassware.

  • Yellowish cloudy liquid completely soluble in water at any concentration
  • Drains from glassware in seconds
  • Contains powerful sequestering reagents
  • Ideal for cell cultureware and general labware

The 7X™ laboratory detergent is ideal for thorough cleaning of cultureware and general lab equipment including test tubes, petri dishes, culture flasks and cylinders, burettes, pipettes, slide covers, and hypodermic syringes. It shows a broad range of application other than glassware, and have been used to clean re-usable parts of the endoscopic instruments, needles, laboratory surfaces, and stainless stain instruments and titanium components without damaging the support material. Optical components of instruments are efficiently cleaned because no fluorescent residues are left after rinsing.
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