Phire® Green Hot Start II DNA Polymerase

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Phire® Green Hot Start II DNA Polymerase
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Phire® Hot Start II DNA Polymerase is faster, extremely robust, and capable of amplifying long DNA fragments with high yields. Phire® Hot Start II DNA Polymerase incorporates a dsDNA-binding domain which allows short extension times (10 to 15 s/kb), improves yields, and increases fidelity 2-fold compared to Taq DNA polymerase. In addition, the Hot Start technology allows complete reactivation of the enzyme in “zero-time” at standard cycling temperatures. This combination of features makes the polymerase an ideal solution for routine and high throughput PCR applications. Phire® Hot Start II DNA Polymerase delivers superior performance in conventional thermal cyclers as well as in fast instruments, such as the Piko® Thermal Cycler.

  • Quick hot start: No reactivation step
  • Fast enzyme: Amplify four times faster than with Hot Start Taq
  • Robust: Minimal reaction optimisation due to high inhibitor tolerance
  • High yields: Abundant products due to high efficiency
  • Longer PCR products: Amplify significantly longer DNA fragments than with hot start Taq
  • Direct loading on gel with green buffer

Phire® Green format is a combination of Phire® Hot Start II DNA Polymerase and 5X Phire® Green Buffer. The buffer includes a density reagent and two tracking dyes for direct loading of PCR products on a gel. The coloured buffer does not interfere with enzyme performance and is compatible with downstream applications such as DNA sequencing, ligation and restriction digestion.
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