Spoon spatulas, LaboPlast® / SteriPlast®

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SteriPlast® LaboPlast®
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231-0609 231-0608
Spoon spatulas, LaboPlast® / SteriPlast®
PS. Double spatula with a 0,5 ml spoon and a 17 mm spatula blade. Ideal for use as a sampling spoon, for measuring or transferring small amounts, as a scraper or for mixing and stirring.

  • Resistant to chemicals, corrosion-proof
  • Production, assembly and packaging according to cleanroom class 7
  • Complies with EU food requirements and FDA regulations
  • Optionally packaged individually and sterilised by gamma rays

Balenie: Available either in a large package with 100 pieces or 100 pieces packaged individually and sterilised by gamma rays.
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