Cell culture dishes, cell-repellent surface, CELLSTAR®

Dodávateľ: Greiner bio-one

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Cell culture dishes, cell-repellent surface, CELLSTAR®
Misky kultivační Misky pro tkáňové kultury
These sterile, PS cell culture dishes have a cell-repellent surface to effectively inhibit cell attachment. Achieved through a chemical polymer modification, the surface does not degrade or leach under common cell culture conditions, rendering an ideal substrate for native cell culture experiments.

  • Effectively inhibits cell adhesion
  • Sterile
  • Lid with condensation rings
  • Other formats available (flasks, microplates, multiwell plates)

Characterised by low cell attachment, the cell-repellent surface is ideal for applications such as spheroid cultures and stem cell aggregate formation, suspension culture of semi-adherent and adherent cell (eg. for suspension culture of macrophages), gel-based 3D cultures, or magnetic 3D cell culturing (Nano3D technology).
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