E.Z.N.A.® Food DNA kit

Dodávateľ: Omega Bio-Tek
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E.Z.N.A.® Food DNA kit
Činidla pro nukleové kyseliny Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and Reagents
The E.Z.N.A.® Food DNA Kit allows rapid and reliable isolation of high quality DNA from complex matrixes such as processed food, chocolate, cereals and meat.

  • Quality: Purified DNA suitable for a variety of sensitive downstream applications
  • Safe: No organic extractions
  • Versatile: Isolate DNA from a range of food products including milk, cereal and chocolate

The system combines HiBind® DNA mini columns with RBB Buffer to eliminate PCR inhibiting compounds within the samples and elute highly concentrated DNA. The purified DNA can be used in PCR-based testing for genetically modified organism (GMO) DNA.
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