Semi-automatic Kjeldahl distillation unit, UDK 139

Dodávateľ: VELP Scientifica

701-0226EA 5972.54 EUR
Semi-automatic Kjeldahl distillation unit, UDK 139
The UDK 139 is a semi-automatic model offering greater automation and a wider range of programming options compared to the UDK 129. This unit runs automatically, after setting distillation time, sodium hydroxide and water addition and steam generation output level between 10 and 100%. The high precision pumps ensure constant accurate dosing of reagents.

  • Automatic NaOH and H₂O addition
  • Delay time (Devarda alloy analysis) and selectable distillation time
  • Distillation residues removal
  • Language selection
  • Safety lever and sensors and reagent level warning to protect the user

All the UDK series distillation units have an alkali resistant technopolymer housing and accept different kinds of test tubes: straight tubes (100, 250, 400 ml and 1 L) or Kjeldahl balloon (500 ml).

Certifikácie: Conformity with multiple standards protocols AOAC, ISO, EPA, DIN etc.

Informace o dodávce: Each unit comes ready to use and is supplied with 250 ml test tube, 250 ml collecting flask, pincer for test tubes, touch pen and protective film for touch screen.
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