Cell slides in culture dishes

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Cell slides in culture dishes
Misky kultivační Misky pro tkáňové kultury
VWR® cell slides are made from medical grade, high transparency PET, which has high strength and is unbreakable. Only the surface of the cell slide has a hydrophilic treatment so adherent cells grow easily, whilst the surrounding culture dish surface is hydrophobic, making it difficult for adherent cells to grow.

  • Cell slide transparency and light transmittance are good so cells can be clearly observed under a light or fluorescence microscope
  • The use of multiple cell slides in one dish makes it possible to develop multi-factor, multi-index, multi-level in vitro studies under the same condition
  • Choice of Ø 8 or Ø 10 mm cell slides, with 12, 18, 32 or 45 cell slides per culture dish
  • One cell culture can prepare multiple cell slides for different studies and objectives, increasing work efficiency
  • Tab on the cell slide tilts at an angle, which is convenient for operators to directly clamp, and is engraved numerically, facilitating identification
  • Free from DNase and RNase, non pyrogenic

The integrated cell slides are fixed in the culture dish. If further test is necessary after cell culture, the cell slides can be taken out one by one and placed in a culture plate or other container with the necessary specifications.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied individually packed in 'peel to open' plastic blister packaging. Each box is matched with individually packed sterile metal tweezers. Both cell slides and tweezers are electron beam irradiated and should be used immediately after opening.
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