Polarimeter tubes and spare parts

Dodávateľ: Bellingham + Stanley
635-0289EA 244.07 EUR
635-0289 BELL35-90 635-1004 BELL35-82 BELL36-57 BELL35-17 635-0503 635-0025 BELL35-96 BELL35-11 635-0026 635-1005 635-0290 635-0029 BELL35-55 BELL35-95 BELL36-58 635-0024 BELL35-91 BELL35-88 BELL35-10 635-0028 635-0504 635-0027 635-0030 BELL35-18
Polarimeter tubes and spare parts
Polarimeter tubes are manufactured to high quality standards where tube ends are precision ground and windows made from selected low strain glass providing highest accuracy along the light path.

  • Jacketed funnel flow-through tubes for sugar testing laboratories
  • Water-jacketed tubes can be used to provide temperature control as required
  • Continuous flow through tubes allows monitoring of pumped samples

Certifikácie: Conforming to ICUMSA recommendations.

Objednávacie informácie: XPC adaptors and cover glasses for UV measurements are also available.
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