Vydac Denali C18, HPLC columns

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Vydac Denali
238GD52DE/N 238GK54DE/N 238DE54 238GK52DE/N 238DE52215 HICH5174053 DE-10C18-300DF 238DE5.515 238DE5.505 238GK51MS/N 238GD51MS/N 238DE5410 238DE1022 238DE5405 238DE104 238GD54DE/N 238DE5415
Vydac Denali C18, HPLC columns
Kolony chromatografické
Vydac Denali (238DE) is a 120 Å C18 bonded phase with high carbon coverage, suitable for the analysis of both acidic and basic analytes. It has applications for small molecule analyses of interest to pharmaceutical and environmental laboratories.

  • High retentivity
  • LC-MS of small molecules
  • Fully scalable from capillary to process

* Use with holder GCH10 and column coupler HI-081.

** Use with holder 80101/N and column coupler HI-081.

Vydac is a registered trademark of W.R.Grace and Co.
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