Vydac 218TP C18, HPLC columns

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218GD52/NEA 332.65 EUR
218GD52/N 218GK104/N 218GD54/N 218TP51015 218TP3405 218TP3205 218TP5305 218TP3415T 218TP10154 218TP1022 218TP5105 218GD104/N 218TP104 218TP51 218TP53 218FSK1210 218TP101015 218GK34/N 218TP5.315 218GCC510 218GK32/N 218TP102210 218FSK510 218TP15202215 218TP5410 218TP102215 218TP101522 218TP15202210 218TP5210 218TP1010 218TP5215 218TP510 554-7578 218GD34/N 218GCC1010 218GD32/N 218GCC1210 554-7576 554-7577 218TP3305 218TP152022 218TP5405 218TP101510 218GD51 218TP5205 218TP34 218GK54/N 218GK52/N 218TP10415 218TP3415 218TP152010 218TP3215 218TP51010 218TP5110 218TP5115 218TP3410 HICH5119751
Vydac 218TP C18, HPLC columns
Kolony chromatografické
Vydac TP is the first range of wide pore media phases developed in the Vydac range and it is the industry's standard for peptide and protein separations. The large pores of the 300 Å TP silica give polypeptide molecules complete access to the interior of the silica pores.

  • Long column lifetime and negligible phase leaching
  • Reliable protein purifications, scalable from analytical to preparative scale
  • Referenced in a large number of patents and publications
  • USP L1

First generation polymeric C18 phase with unique selectivity. Recommended for small polypeptides 4 - 5K MW, enzymatic digest fragments, natural and synthetic peptides, multi-ring compounds.

* Use with holder GCH10 and column coupler HI-081.

** Use with holder 80101/N and column coupler HI-081.

Vydac is a registered trademark of W.R.Grace and Co.
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