Avantor® Genesis, HPLC Columns, C18

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Avantor® Genesis
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8P25960 FM5963E FL5960E FM15963E FK15963E FL15960E FL5963E FM25960E FH1960-2/N FK3960E GEN-4C18-125DF FM10963E GEN-5C18-50DT FL25963E FH25960E FM5960E HICHGEN-4C18-100DE FH10963E FL10960E GEN-4C18-125DM FM15960E GEN-5C18-250D HICHGEN-5C18-150D GEN-4C18-125DT FH15960E GEN-5C18-125D FM25963E FH1963-2/N GEN-4C18-150DE FK10960E FM10960E FK5960E FL25960E HICHGEN-4C18-300DE GEN-4C18-125D
Avantor® Genesis, HPLC Columns, C18
Kolony chromatografické
Avantor® Genesis phases are based on high purity metal-free spherical silica.

  • Good peak shape and reproducibility
  • Long column lifetime

They are suitable for the analysis of a wide range of analytes.

Stainless steel columns.
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