Avantor® Alltima, HPLC Columns, C18

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Avantor® Alltima
5174010/NEA 1057.94 EUR
5174010/N HICH43851 AL-5C18-10CP2 96681/N 96080/N HICH88888 HICH88889 AL-5C18-250DF HICH43852 AL-3C18-75D HICH43853 AL-5C18-200D AL-5C18-75D HICH88051 HICH88370 HICH88052 HICH88371 AL-5C18-150DF HICHAL-10C18-250DF HICH88055 HICH88056 AL-5C18-150DE HICH88053 HICH88334 HICH88059 HICH88335 HICH88057 HICH11541 AL-5C18-300D HICH11543 AL-10C18-150DE HICH88063 96080SP/N HICH81105 HICH88383 HICH81102 HICH81388 96680/N HICH50603 HICH81387 HICH81143 HICH50605 HICH81142 HICH81383 HICH81382 HICH81140 AL-5C18-125D HICH88307 HICH88308 HICHAL-3C18-100SP7 AL-5C18-300DE AL-5C18-300DF HICH88352 HICH88353 HICH81412 HICH970203 AL-10C18-300DE AL-10C18-300DF AL-5C18-125DF HICH43803
Avantor® Alltima, HPLC Columns, C18
Kolony chromatografické
Avantor® Alltima HPLC columns are high quality phases designed for general purpose applications.

  • Base deactivated silica phases
  • Stable bonding for long column lifetime
  • Multiple selectivity options
  • USP L1

Classic reversed phase retention and selectivity. High quality hydrophobic general purpose C18.
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