Desiccant cartridges, disposable, SP Bel-Art

Dodávateľ: Bel-Art
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467-0002 467-0001
Desiccant cartridges, disposable, SP Bel-Art
Exsikátory Pohlcovače vlhkosti
These cartridges contain inert, non-corrosive and non-toxic silica gel. Ideal for use in desiccator cabinets or non-vacuum desiccators, analytical balance cases and precision laboratory instruments. They fit Space Saver desiccators, and to other plastic desiccators of a similar size.

  • Highly porous membrane covers the dish providing excellent moisture absorption
  • Desiccant can be easily regenerated by heating cartridges in an oven at 50 °C overnight
  • Individually foil sealed

Clear polystyrene dish allows instant visual inspection of the silica gel, which changes in color from blue to pale pink as it absorbs moisture. For more rapid drying, cut the membrane, transfer the spent gel crystals into a glass or porcelain dish, and place in an oven at 150 °C for one hour.
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