DNA Library Prep Kit, sparQ

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DNA Library Prep Kit, sparQ
Činidla pro nukleové kyseliny Next Generation Sequencing Reagents
An optimised kit for the rapid construction of DNA libraries from fragmented double-stranded DNA for sequencing on Illumina® NGS platforms and prepares for sequencing success with the highest quality library.

  • Simplified 2-step protocol speeds sample preparation to under 3 hours and minimises sample loss from transfer step
  • Increased library yields enable the construction of low input DNA sample from 250 pg
  • Minimised bias improves coverage across difficult to sequence regions ensuring optimal results
  • PCR-free workflows enabled from 100 ng input DNA
  • Improved overall sequencing workflow economics

DNA polishing reactions are combined in a single step to convert fragmented DNA into 5'-phosphorylated and 3'-dA-tailed DNA fragments suitable for direct ligation of sequencing adapters without the need for an intervening cleanup saving valuable time and bead purification expense. The HiFi PCR Master Mix and Primer Mix allows for the optional, unbiased amplification of fragments with appropriate adapters ligated to both ends. The kit is compatible with input amounts from 250 pg to 1 μg DNA and multiple sample types.

The proprietary cocktail of enzymes is formulated to generate the highest yield and quality of adapter-ligated libraries over a broad range of input DNA down to as little as 250 pg enabling successful library construction for challenging samples.

The highly efficient library prep reduces the bias resulting in the superior quality, to minimise coverage gaps especially for challenging regions like GC- and AT-rich sequences. For applications requiring amplification, the high fidelity master mix is formulated to increase library yield reducing the number of cycles required to create a sequence-ready library thereby reducing additional PCR-derived artifacts.

Comparison of library preparation performed with sparQ DNA Library Prep Kit matches PCR-free workflows. Low amplification bias enables better coverage uniformity resulting in greater sequencing depth or multiplexing capabilities.

High library conversion efficiency maintains a comprehensive view of your sample genome. Whether using an amplified or PCR-free workflow, sparQ DNA library prep produces industry leading sequencing results as determined by the high number of reads mapping back to the reference genome with minimal duplication rates.
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