Vydac 218MS C18, HPLC columns

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Vydac 218MS C18, HPLC columns
Kolony chromatografické
Vydac MS columns are a later development from Grace for the reversed phase HPLC separation of biomolecules.

  • Five reversed-phase chemistries
  • Excellent peak shape with little or no TFA
  • High protein recoveries make scale-up easy

A proprietary surface treatment and bonding process give Vydac MS columns unique selectivity. A variety of reversed phases makes this product line suitable for the analysis of small peptides to large intact, undenatured proteins.

Polymeric bonding, highest hydrophobic interaction and unique geometric selectivity. Use for simple enzymatic digests (<12 proteins) or biomolecules 0 to 5 k MW.

Vydac is a registered trademark of W.R.Grace and Co.
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