Chamber furnaces, forced convection

Dodávateľ: Nabertherm
NABENA--2540F2 NABENA--0161B1 NABENA--5041D2 NABENA-2561D2 NABENA--2541C2 NABENA--0640F2 NABENA-2561C2 NABENA--1241C2 NABENA-0661D2 NABENA--0340F1 NABENA--1241D2 NABENA--2541D2 NABENA-1261C2 NABENA--0341D1 NABENA--0641D2 NABENA-5061C2 NABENA-0361D2 NABENA--5040F2 NABENA--0161C1 NABENA--5041C2 NABENA--0341C1 NABENA-0661C2 NABENA--1240F2 NABENA-1261D2 NABENA--0641C2 NABENA-0361C2 NABENA-5061D2
Chamber furnaces, forced convection
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The outstanding temperature uniformity of these chamber furnaces with air circulation provides ideal process conditions for annealing, curing, solution annealing, artificial ageing, preheating, or soft annealing and brazing.

  • Stainless steel air-baffles in the furnace for optimum air circulation
  • Swing door hinged on the right hand side
  • Horizontal air circulation
  • Optimum air distribution enabled by high flow speeds
  • NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: Recording of process data with USB-flash drive
  • Temperature uniformity up to ±4 °C according to DIN 17052-1 (±7 °C for N 15/65 HA models)

These forced convection chamber furnaces are equipped with a suitable annealing box for soft annealing of copper or tempering of titanium, and also for annealing steel under non-flammable protective or reaction gases.

The B400 standard controller is equipped with LC display, featuring 5 freely adjustable programs, 4 segments and 2 extra functions. The optional C440 controller has 10 programs with 20 segments each. Only the NA 15/65 bench-top model has the B410 or C450 controller, these controllers are PID microprocessor controlled with a self-diagnostic system and integrated process documentation.

Objednávacie informácie: Supplied with base frame, frame sheet and rails for two additional trays, (except N 15/65 HA models without frame sheet). Optional accessories such as pneumatic lift door, controlled cooling options, manual in- and outlet exhaust system, motor driven inlet and outlet flaps. Please contact your VWR sales office for more information on options.

Pozor: Model NA 15/65 HA is a bench-top unit; all other models are floor standing models.
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