Kyselina šťavelová dihydrát 99.5+% ACS

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ACRO423152500EA 46.42 EUR
ACRO423152500 ACRO423150010 ACRO423150051
Kyselina šťavelová dihydrát 99.5+% ACS
Kyselina šťavelová dihydrát
Vzorec: HO₂CCO₂H·2H₂O
Mw: 126,07 g/mol
Teplota tavenia: 98…102 °C
Skladovacia teplota: Ambient
Číslo MDL: MFCD00149102
Číslo CAS: 6153-56-6
EINECS: 205-634-3
REACH: 01-2119534576-33
Merck Index: 12,07043

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Výsledky špecifikačného testu

Appearance White Crystalline powder
Infrared spectrum Conforms
Residue after ignition ≤0.01 %
Titration with KMnO4 99.5 to 102.5 %
Substance darkened by H2SO4 Passes test
Chloride (Cl) ≤0.002 %
Sulfate (SO4) ≤0.005 %
Calcium (Ca) ≤0.001 %
Iron (Fe) ≤2 ppm
Heavy metals (ICP-OES) ≤5 ppm
Insoluble matter ≤0.005 %
Nitrogen compounds (as N) ≤0.001 %

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