VWR®, OCT Embedding matrix for frozen sections

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VWR®, OCT Embedding matrix for frozen sections
Barviva Microscopy and staining reagents
When sectioning frozen tissue for rapid surgical biopsy diagnosis or for research (typically in Histochemistry), the tissue sample must be firmly attached to the microtome stage or chuck. Embedding material such as OCT are preferred as these also provide a supportive and protective aid to sectioning.

  • Miscible with water to facilitate easy removal of tissue from the block holder
  • Easily dissolved from the microscope slide prior to staining
  • High viscosity to ensure strong adhesion of the tissue to the holder, allowing the specimen to be held
  • in proper orientation whilst the medium is liquid
  • Freezes rapidly with minimal damage by crystal formation
  • Easy to use 125 ml dispenser bottle
  • Can be used as an infiltrating media for tissues that tend to shatter on cutting, such as brain
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