PerfectBlue dual gel system, Twin L

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700-1205EA 1963.42 EUR
700-1205 700-1080
PerfectBlue dual gel system, Twin L
Systémy elektroforetické Systémy pro vertikální gelovou elektroforézu
The largest of the series, the Twin L can accommodate 20×20 cm gels for the simultaneous separation of up to 50 samples making this system ideally suited to either higher throughput or separating lower molecular weight samples. The system actively manages temperature build up with an efficient water cooling system and central aluminium ceramic plates for effective and safe long-term operation.

*Based on an average gel and a tooth at 20 mm depth

Objednávacie informácie: Complete system, with or without casting base, includes internal cooling core, SuperSafe cover with attached leads, 4× glass plate pair sets, 4× combs (1,5 mm thick, 2×15 teeth and 2×20 teeth), 4× spacer sets (1,5 mm), 2× replacement gaskets, 1× blocking plate (for single gel runs) and 1× SpacerPlate.
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