PerfectBlue gel system, Maxi L

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PerfectBlue gel system, Maxi L
Systémy elektroforetické Systémy pro horizontální gelovou elektroforézu
The Maxi L system can be used to run up to 600 samples, making it perfectly suited for large scale sample screening where up to 12 microtitre combs can be used on the same 23×40 cm gel tray.

Designed for economy and efficiency, the Maxi L system offers the use of economical partition walls, used to generate smaller gels, and for loading the samples, the microtitre combs allow rapid and error-free loading with multichannel pipettes. Gels can be poured directly into the tray through the use of 'end gates' (no need for taping) and the three-point levelling tray ensures a uniform thickness of gel to reduce 'smiling' effects which are common in gels of this size.

*Based on an agarose gel of approximately 5 mm thickness

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with 4 combs (1,5 mm thickness, 2× 25 and 2× 50 teeth), lid, gel tray, 3-point levelling platform, end gate, tank and cables.
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