Microbalances, high capacity

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Microbalances, high capacity
The Cubis high capacity microbalances offer the highest resolution, up to 60 million divisions. As a dedicated pharma balance, the MSA116P offers a very low min. weight according to USP Chap.11. This model has weighing capacity of 111 g with a readability of 0,01 mg and a movable fine range of 12 g with a readability of 0,002 mg. These balances are ideal for use in QC and research laboratories in the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Reliably weigh small samples directly into sample containers up to 50 ml
  • Safe and efficient weighing with a range of flexible sample holders for manual dosing/dispensing
  • Adjustable titanium sample holder: Various types of flasks or tubes can easily be used during weighing or preparation processes
  • Titanium weighing pan is non-magnetic and lighter than other metals, extended 50 mm weighing pan is ideal for vessels requiring a larger support area to prevent them from tipping over, optional 90 mm pan on Pharma model
  • Conductive draft shield coating reduces electrostatic influence transmitted by the user
  • Optional climate module, sensor monitors ambient conditions (temperature, pressure and humidity), extremely important when using large containers in a microbalance
  • Pharma model has a dosing app as standard to help preparing standard and stock solutions
  • Draft shields have a learning capability.

The high capacity Cubis series helps avoid transfer errors as minimum amounts can be weighed directly into containers such as long necked flasks or HPLC bottles, while cutting out extra weighing steps and potential waste. Flexible sample holders mean the user can adjust the angle and position of containers while preparing stock solutions or reference standards for optimal manual dosing so even the smallest quantities can be dispensed accurately.

Q-Apps, customer-specific applications, can be integrated into the balance. These are reloadable application programs that guide the user step-by-step through the specific workflow. It is thus guaranteed that the procedures described in the corresponding SOPs are observed at all times. As individual Q-Apps are performed according to their specific application, a variety of solutions for differential weighing, formulation and filling quantity control applications are available as standard Q-Apps. Moreover, it is also possible to use standardised Q-Apps applications for the determination of the minimum sample weight according to USP, to enable automated preparation of standard solutions as well as for easy pipette calibration. There is a wide choice of standard Q-Apps which can be downloaded directly onto the balance. Workflows can be performed independently and do not necessarily require a PC connection.

All models have an automatic, motorised draft shield with learning capability and choice of operation either by ergonomic, palm- activated key or by means of optional touch-free infrared sensor.

Objednávacie informácie: Models with -0CE suffix are verified versions for use in legal metrology in the European Economic area.
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