Baths and circulators, stainless steel, SAHARA PPO S21P series

Dodávateľ: Thermo Scientific
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Baths and circulators, stainless steel, SAHARA PPO S21P series
Termostaty oběhové Otevřené cirkulační systémy Lázně s odnímatelným oběhovým čerpadlem
These heated bath circulators maintains the ambient temperature. The SAHARA series of heated bath circulators are available with a wide variety of work area dimensions to meet internal or external circulation requirements.

  • A selection of different controllers will create the perfect fit for application
  • Rugged and corrosion-resistant for high temperature applications up to 200 °C
  • Modified polyphenylene oxide baths are thermally resistant up to 100 °C
  • Deliver exceptional temperature performance with operational savings
  • Recommended for calibration, bioreactors, rotary rvaporators, condensers, sample/material testing and preparation

All thermostats feature an intuitive user interface with bright display to view critical readings. Each system comes with a quick-start guide for simple setup and operation. Thermostat can be turned and positioned on all four sides of the bath for easy viewing.

SC 100 controller: Features three languages, acoustic and optical alarms, and five user-settable programs. Two pump speeds allow adjustement of water flow within bath to reduce turbulence.

SC 150 controller: Additional features include a USB port, a low-liquid level alarm, and an automatic controller shut-down at detection of excessive high temperature, low liquid level, or motor overload.

AC 150 controller: Powerful force suction pump.

AC 200 controller: Additional features include a ramp programming with ten steps, a real time clock, and a USB port.

Certifikácie: RoHS-compliant (lead- and mercury-free), UL/CSA and WEEE compliant.

Informace o dodávce: Includes communication cables, bridge with gasket and thumbscrews, fittings, clamps, pump plug for external circulation, 6' power cord. Supplied with 36-month warranty.
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