Alkaline cleaning agent, neodisher® LaboClean LA

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Alkaline cleaning agent, neodisher® LaboClean LA
Prostředky čistící Detergenty a povrchové čističe
neodisher® LaboClean LA has an alkaline formulation and it contains high proportions of emulsifiers and dispersing agents. neodisher® LaboClean removes oils, fats, resins, paraffins and organic dyestuffs. At temperature over 30 °C neodisher® LaboClean LA exhibits a defoaming actions.

  • Can be used with any level of water hardness

neodisher® LaboClean LA does not attack stainless steel or precious metals. neodisher® LaboClean is not suitable for aluminium, anodises aluminium and light metal alloys. Borosilicate glass is resistant against neodisher® LaboClean LA, soda glass can become turbid in cause of time.

Applications include for the removal of resins, oils, waxes, slaves, creams and fats as well as preparations containing them, to remove organic dyestuffs.

Main fields of applications include mechanical cleaning of laboratory glassware and utensils for laboratories in the foodstuffs processing industry, the cosmetics, pharma and mineral industries, and also in other laboratories.

Balenie: Plastic bucket containing 4×3 kg
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