Graphic mats

Dodávateľ: Ergomat
ERGOLB6090EA 219.63 EUR
Graphic mats
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These graphic logo mats are extremely strong and durable while being easy to clean and broadly resistant to incidental liquid spills. These mats are promoting a brand and decorate a space with a functional, practical health and safety product that delivers years of relief and aesthetic enjoyment.

  • Free of silicone and latex
  • Moulded in durable, lightweight polyurethane
  • Can be customised with logos or other desired graphics

Available with ergonomic bubble profile or with moderately textured profile and smooth logo: Infinity bubble logo mat is designed to allow workers an anti-fatigue, ergonomic work station. Smooth logo mat offers a flat surface to accommodate pivoting workers and allow trolley accessibility.

Certifikácie: Rated to ISO Cleanroom Class 5 (Class 100).
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