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MARO331.02EA 23.19 EUR
MARO331.02 MARO332.02
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Plastic handle, snap-off metal blade or PS blade

  • Very robust handle and metal rail to guide the blade
  • Handle with anti-slip grooves and practical eyelet
  • Large selection of possible cutting depths
  • Handle tapers off to the front: Enables the user to approach more narrow areas
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Can be used by left and right handers

The model with the 18 mm wide snap-off blade is suitable for all normal cutting jobs. Ideal for cutting cardboard (max. 2-ply), foil, tape, textile materials, yarn, coated or laminated film and layers of foil or paper. Max. cutting depth: 16 mm.

The model with the not segmented PS blade (which is safe from breaking off) is particularly suitable for work with a maximum blade extension. It is ideal for cutting cardboard (max. 3-ply), foil, tape, foam, textile materials, yarn, coated film, layers of foil or paper and plastic strapping band. Max. cutting depth: 72,6 mm.
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