Peptide desalting spin columns, Pierce™

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Peptide desalting spin columns, Pierce™
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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ peptide desalting spin columns are ready to use centrifuge spin columns that enable efficient desalting of peptide samples following enzymatic digestion. The polymer-based hydrophobic resin contained in each column provides excellent binding and recovery characteristics for peptide samples in preparation for mass spectrometry and other methods.

  • Removes MS-interfering contaminants: Significantly reduces signal suppression and improves sensitivity in mass spectrometry
  • High binding capacity: Special hydrophobic polymer-based resin allows for excellent recovery of peptide loads of 5 µg to as high as 5 mg of native and TMT-labeled peptides
  • Easy to use: Resin is provided in single-use spin column format that fits many common 2 ml tubes
  • Compatible: Resin is validated with a variety of complex samples, including TMT-labeled peptides, and is stable under extreme pH conditions

Pierce™ peptide desalting spin columns provide a convenient and reproducible way to desalt and remove contaminants from peptide samples prior to analysis by mass spectrometry. Each spin column can bind from 5 µg to 5 mg of native and TMT-labeled peptides. The spin column format allows processing of multiple samples (10 to 300 µl each) in parallel in approximately 30 minutes.

Mass spectrometry is essential for studying biological compounds. However, many of the buffers and reagents used in the course of sample preparation will interfere with mass spectrometry analysis, leading to poor-quality spectra and reduced sensitivity. Pierce™ peptide desalting spin columns are designed to remove many of the interfering hydrophilic sample contaminants with minimal sample loss, thus enabling sensitive and comprehensive analysis of digested protein samples by mass spectrometry.
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