pH indicator papers, Duotest and Tritest

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pH indicator papers, Duotest and Tritest
Papírky testovací Stripy pH indikační
By the combination of several indicators on one test paper, a better recognition between different pH values is achieved. This makes the correct pH reading easier.

  • Long term stable and protected against external influences due to plastic reel
  • No accessories needed, always ready to use
  • Reliable results due to easy and accurate read-off from colour scale
  • Several indicators for more precise readings

Duotest indicator papers combine two different indicator zones on a single strip. The zones are separated by a hydrophobic barrier, which effectively prevents mixing of the reaction colours and increases the mechanical stability.

Tritest indicator paper has three different indicator zones on a single paper. The three zones guarantee optimal colour differences and safe determination of in-between values. Tritest indicator paper is available for a pH range from 1 to 11 and feature 1 pH unit increments.

In Tritest L indicator paper, two hydrophobic barriers separate the indicator zones. Even in strongly alkaline solutions, the colours of the zones do not mix.
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