Avantor® Alltima HP C18, HPLC Columns, 3 µm

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Avantor® Alltima
HICH87667EA 997.3 EUR
HICH87667 HICH87601 HICH22155 HICH87668 HICH22154 HICH87676 HICH87826 AHP-3C18-250D HICH87669 HICH87670 HICH87672
Avantor® Alltima HP C18, HPLC Columns, 3 µm
Kolony chromatografické
Avantor® Alltima HP phase C18 columns are classic reverse phase retention and selectivity.

  • Better stability
  • High purity
  • Excellent column performance
  • pH: 1 to 10

Multiple selectivity options for optimising retention, resolution and analysis time. High purity silica helps to eliminate peak tailing problems.

Low column bleed makes the column to be ideal for microbore and other critical analysis.
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