Dosing spoons, white

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Dosing spoons, white
Volumetric and dosing spoons can be used to measure small amounts of powder, granulates and liquids exactly and dose them precisely. For precise measuring, excess medium is stripped off the upper edge of the spoon. The content volume is engraved on the handle.

  • PS, white
  • Optionally packaged individually and sterilised
  • With stripper edge
  • For single use
  • Clean room manufactured (clean room class 7)

The flat front edge of the volumetric spoon is ideal for picking up medium from the bottom of the container or for getting into the corners of the container, thus allowing for good emptying of small remaining amounts. The flat base makes it possible to set the volumetric spoon down without spilling the content.

The disposable dosing spoon is suitable for use as a sample spoon for taking small sample quantities. Since the plastic volumetric spoon was developed for single use, there is no cleaning and the possibility of cross-contamination and impurities is excluded.

The dosing spoons and volumetric spoons are suitable for precise measuring for chemical and pharmaceutical applications, cosmetics, animal feed and the food & beverage industry.

Certifikácie: Complies with EU food requirements and FDA regulations.

Balenie: Available either in a large package with 100 pieces or 100 pieces packaged individually and radiation sterilised.
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