Pipette controller, manual, RF1000

Dodávateľ: Heathrow Scientific
Pipette controller, manual, RF1000
Pipety Nástavce pipetovací
The RF1000 pipette controller is lightweight and easy to use. It is a manual pipette controller and is uniquely designed for one-handed operation.

  • Tapered silicone rubber pipette adapter allows a large range of pipette sizes ranging 1 to 100 ml (replaceable when worn)
  • Filter: PTFE/25 mm Ø / 0,45 μm filter in PP housing
  • Rubber pipette adapter replaceable when worn
  • Stay organized with two additional nose cones (green, white) for colour identification
  • Includes one replaceable 0,45 µm hydrophobic filter to protect your samples and internal components
  • Autoclavable (nose cone assembly)

Simply squeeze the main bulb and push the toggle forward to aspirate or back to dispense, and push the blowout bulb to expel any liquid remaining in pipette.

Dimension: 180×45×120 mm
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