Digital orbital shaker

Dodávateľ: Heathrow Scientific
HEAT120460EA 3027.92 EUR
Digital orbital shaker
Třepačky Třepačky orbitální
Compact digital orbital shaker which is packed full of high end design features making this laboratory shaker a versatile unit for a vast range of protocols.

  • Durable ABS body resists most commonly used chemicals, and is easy to clean
  • No-stop electronic motor feedback, enables the unit to instantly adjust to weight load changes and unbalanced loads for truly reproducible results
  • A high loading capacity of 4,5 kg, with overload protection shut-off
  • Can be used at 2 to 40 °C (max. 80% relative humidity non condensing, for temperatures up to 31 °C decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 40 °C) in an incubator, CO₂ incubator or cold room
  • Soft-start and shut down feature at higher speeds reduces spillages from full vessels
  • Very low start speed for agitating sensitive samples, with a high top end and good stability for more vigorous applications
  • Long-life, maintenance free motor and drive

The Hi-Lo platform with bungee cords allows the user to create their own holding matri× for vessels of all shapes and sizes, it can accommodate, assay plates, dishes, Erlenmeyer flasks, reagent bottles, irregular shaped vessels and more.

Last run memory, even after the unit has been turned off helps streamline processes and enables reproducible results. Time and speed can be set and adjusted separately.

The unit has an easy to read back-lit display. Audio signal sounds when shaking is completied when the timer is used, so the shaker doesn’t have to be supervised.

Timer: 0 to 74 hours and 59 minutes or continuous.

Certifikácie: SGS, RoHS2

Informácie o príslušenstve: Platform accommodates: 6 standard or deepwell assay plates (more if stacking of plates is an option). Erlenmeyer flasks: 25×50 ml, 16×125 ml, 9×250 ml, 4×500 ml, 4×1 L or 1×2 L. Beakers: 36×50 ml, 25×100 ml, 16×250 ml, 9×400 ml or 4×1 L.

Informace o dodávce: Shaker supplied with: Universal Hi-Lo platform with soft rubber edge bumpers, skid-free rubber platform mat, 8 bungee cord set, universal power adapter 110 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, with 4 interchangeable plug types and five years warranty.

Pozor: For indoor use only.
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