Platforma CytoFLEX pro průtokové cytometry

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Platforma CytoFLEX pro průtokové cytometry
Počítačky buňek Flow Cytometers
Platforma průtokového cytometru CytoFLEX je revoluční systém, který provádí optimální excitaci a emisi a tím minimalizuje ztráty světla a maximalizuje citlivost.

  • Skvělá citlivost (80 nm) umožňující analýzu nanočástic včetně mimobuněčných váčků, virů a dalších
  • Rozsáhlá sada přemístitelných pásmových filtrů
  • Flexibilita pro upgrade přidáním dalších parametrů
  • Intuitivní software pro usnadnění vícebarevné analýzy

The CytoFLEX platform is divided into several versions across three models. An instrument is defined by the lasers included. Each instrument is offered in a number of configurations, determined by the number of activated channels from each laser. Choose the configuration and number of parameters needed immediately, and activate additional parameters as the needs of the laboratory change in the future. Each instrument includes the full complement of repositionable band pass filters. Move filters to the activated channels based upon the wavelengths to be detected. Additional non standard band pass filters are available for even more assay flexibility.

CytoFLEX models bring up to three lasers instrument providing up to 13 fluorescent channels to accommodate most basic flow cytometry assay needs.
- Violet-Blue-Red (VB-R) Series, fully activated as few as one laser and four colours, activate additional colours and upgrade later, up to three lasers and 13 colours
- Includes 15 band pass filters

CytoFLEX S models bring up to four laser instruments to the research community expanding the fluorochrome palette for special applications. Four different series are available.
- The four series are: Violet-Blue-Yellow Green-Red (V-B-Y-R), Near UV-Violet-Blue-Red (N-V-BR), Near UV-Violet-Blue-Yellow Green (N-V-B-Y), Violet-Blue-Red-IR (V-BR-I)
- Activate as few as two lasers and four colours and upgrade later within the series, up to four lasers and 13 colours
- Includes 15 band pass filters depending on the chosen series

CytoFLEX LX models bring up to six laser instruments to the research community providing up to 21 fluorescent channels. Two different series are available, depending on choice of UV or near UV laser.
- Two series are available depending on your choice of UV or near-UV: UV-Violet-Blue-Yellow Green-Red-IR (UV-B-Y-R-I) and Near UV-Violet-Blue-Yellow Green-Red-IR (NV-B-Y-R-I)
- Activate as few as four lasers and 14 colour parameters or fully activate all six lasers for 21 colour parameters
- Includes 23 band pass filters depending on the chosen series

Additional specifications:
- Nominal acquisition rate: 30000 events per second with all configured parameters
- Signal processing: Fully digital system with seven decade data display
- Sample flow rates: Fixed flow rates: 10, 30 and 60 μl/min and custom flow rate Ccntrol mode from 10 to 240 μl/min in 1 μl increments
- Absolute counting: Gravimetric calibration for absolute counts within CytExpert software
- Software: Three different installation modes are available depending on the level of security required: Default Mode with no user login, User Management Mode and - Electronic Records Management Mode, which provides tools that facilitate compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
- Automation: An API (Application Programming Interface) is available for automation integration
- Scatter performance is optimised for resolving human lymphocytes, monocytes and granulocytes as well as nanoparticles
- Optional plate loader available to support 96-well flat and deep well plates (45,5 mm height max, 5,8 mm well bottom diameter minimum)

CytoFLEX platform flow cytometers

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