Centrifugy, stolní/volně stojící, ventilované/chlazené, Multifuge řada X1/X3

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Centrifugy, stolní/volně stojící, ventilované/chlazené, Multifuge řada X1/X3
Centrifugy Centrifugy stolní
Řada centrifug Multifuge X1/X3 nabízí špičkovou výkonost v průmyslu, nejvšestranější škálu rotorů a adaptérů a energeticky účinné operace. Bezkonkurenční výkon zpracování, maximální univerzálnost a vynikající energetická účinost.

  • Advanced, intuitive programmable controls, seven language menu (actual and set parameters displayed), 99 programs incl. 5 with direct access
  • Auto-Lock® III rotor system - tool-free rotor exchange system facilitating 3 second rotor exchange with just the push of a button, for quickly changing rotors and easy access to the chamber for cleaning
  • Enhanced rotor library includes 5 Fiberlite™ carbon fibre rotors, enabling high speed, high capacity centrifugation of up to 6×250 ml
  • ClickSeal® biocontainment solution - glove-friendly, one-handed open and closing with a simple low pressure lever, eliminates screw caps and complicated clips
  • SMARTSpin® technology optimising acceleration, braking and residual load imbalance for maximum safety, smooth runs and reproducible separations

A broad range of rotors and adapters, including lightweight Fiberlite™ carbon fibre rotors, handles diverse laboratory applications.

The different rotors enable your lab to meet all processing needs (further details on rotors listed after Multifuge® X series):

TX-200 and TX-400 swing out rotors for Multifuge® X1: With a capacity of 4×180 ml, ideal for high speed, standard centrifugation, or 4×400 ml, accommodates up to 76 blood tubes and up to 16×50 ml conical tubes in a single run and in certified sealed conditions
TX-750 swing out rotor for Multifuge® X3: High capacity (28×50 ml conical / 108×Vacutainer tubes) and high flexibility, 4700 min-¹ (4816 ×g), with a choice of round or rectangular buckets and microplate adapters
TX-1000 swing out rotor for Multifuge® X3: Enables processing 4×1000 ml tubes, 40×50 ml conical tubes, 196 blood tubes or 24 microplates; with corrosion resistant coating
BIOShield® rotors: Include a biosafety lid, run frequently-used tubes at high speed
BIOLiner™ high capacity swing out rotor for Multifuge® X3: 40×50 ml conical or 196×Vacutainer tubes
HIGHPlate™ swing out rotor for Multifuge® X3: Capacity of 10 microplates at high speed, 6300 min-¹ (6168 ×g)
Fiberlite™ carbon fixed angle rotors for conical tubes: 5 versatile, high-speed, rugged carbon fibre rotors maximising the centrifuge performances. Capacity of 8×50 ml achieving more than 24000 ×g, or 14×50 ml at 12 000 ×g for pelleting bacteria or yeast cells and for purifying nucleic acids and cells

Objednávacie informácie: Supplied without rotors. Please contact Avantor for more information about available adapters and other accessories.
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