L(+)-Serin ≥99%, free flowing white powder

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L(+)-Serin ≥99%, free flowing white powder

L-serine is used in the study of influence of pulsed applications of serine on polyglucose synthesis by Fusobacterium nucleatum cultures. Supplementation of minimal media with serine has been shown to restore growth in Escherichia coli that lack the PII and GlnK genes.

It is a precursor of glycine by serine hydroxy methyltransferase.

Soluble in water (50 mg/ml); insoluble in alcohol and ether.

Vzorec: C₃H₇NO₃
Mw: 105,09 g/mol
Teplota varu: 259 °C (1013 hPa)
Teplota tavenia: 222 °C (rozkl., lit.)
Hustota: 1,6 g/cm³ (22 °C)
Skladovacia teplota: Ambient
Číslo MDL: MFCD00064224
Číslo CAS: 56-45-1
EINECS: 200-274-3
Merck Index: 14,00846

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Synonyms L-2-Amino-3-hydroxypropionic acid; Ser; S; (S)-2-amino-3-hydroxypropionic acid; β-hydroxy alanine; α-amino-β-hydroxy propionic acid
Form Free flowing White Powder
Storage Store at room temperature (15 to 30 °C)
Heavy Metals ≤20 ppm (as Pb)
Loss on Drying ≤0,5%
Optical Rotation 10° to +20° (c = 10, 2 N HCl)
pka 2,19 (−COOH), 9,21 (−NH2)(Lit.)

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