Digital fluorescence cell imager with touch screen, PAULA

Dodávateľ: Leica
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Digital fluorescence cell imager with touch screen, PAULA
PAULA is a personal automated lab assistant that helps to speed up daily cell culture tasks and standardise the results to improve the downstream workflow. It is small enough to stay on any lab bench or even directly in an incubator. It has the capability to tell when cells are ready for the next step in the workflow.

  • Receive notifications of cell state changes including transfection and confluency on a tablet or handheld device
  • Built-in barcode reader for biotech and pharma customers with large batch cultures
  • Standardised assay management improves the quality of downstream results and removes variance in cell-based assays

Contrasting methods are phase contrast (adjustment-free), fluorescence. LEDs used are red for phase contrast to protect cells from bleaching. Two fluorescence LEDs (red, green) to monitor transfection.

Control unit tablet (Android, iPAD, Windows) and/or touch monitor. Barcode reader integrated in housing.

Objective 10× with digital zoom (3×). App use is confluence check (more to come).

Temperature tolerance PAULA can be placed inside a cell incubator (<37 °C, ~90% humidity). Multiplexing of combine up to three PAULA devices. Operation unit NUC PC.

Objednávacie informácie: Power cord not included (please order separately). 2 year warranty.
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