Foetal bovine serum, EU origin, Premium

Dodávateľ: Biowest
S140B-500EA 428.86 EUR
S140B-500 S140B-050 S140B-100
Foetal bovine serum, EU origin, Premium
In ordering FBS Premium, you can avoid time consuming batch testing and batch reservations.

  • Sterile filtered
  • Frozen
  • Storage at –20 °C
  • Shelf life of 60 months
  • Shipping conditions: –20 °C or dry ice

FBS Premium is a selection of the best batches, selected on excellent values of Endotoxin, Hemoglobin, and Cell growth on 4 Cell lines: SP2/O-Ag14, HELA, L929 and MRC-5, guaranteeing your success in cell culture.
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