Upright laboratory microscopes, DM2000 LED

Dodávateľ: Leica
630-3183EA 6790.83 EUR
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Upright laboratory microscopes, DM2000 LED
With their sophisticated modular design and high performance fluorescence, Leica DM2000 LED microscopes are ideal for complex tasks in pathology, cytology and many other applications. For special diagnostic requirements, the microscope is certified for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) like in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

  • Height adjustable focus knobs provide the optimal choice of hand position for a relaxed hand position
  • Adjustable eye tubes promotes correct posture
  • Symmetrical operation from either left or right to facilitate alternating users
  • Telescopic coaxial stage control with friction adjustment for user-selected resistance
  • Specially designed Ergolift where both pitch and height can be adjusted to meet the needs of users
  • LED illumination that makes changing lamps a thing of the past
  • Transmitted light applications; brightfield and phase contrast
  • DM 2000 microscopes are upgradeable for phase contrast, qualitative polarisation and fluorescence

The Leica DM2000 microscopes can be configured with a variety of optics and contrast techniques to meet the specific requirements of demanding applications. Designed for occasional use or the rigorous demands of routine laboratory use, incorporating ergonomics that are based on the natural movements of the user. These microscopes are compatible with the full line of Leica microscope optics and accessories for increased flexibility.

The DM2000 offers a 5-position condenser disc, up to 6-fold objectives and 5 positioning filter cube changer for maximum flexibility to meet customers special requirements. They have an appropriately scaled footprint to meet the needs of even the most 'space challenged' laboratory.

LED features long life LED illumination that provides near daylight, bright illumination with constant colour temperature and emits less heat.

The fluorescence axis for the Leica DM2000 – DM3000 features five filter cube positions on an easy to turn disc. If more filter cubes are required, the convenient quick-release allows replacement cubes to be snapped into place. The integrated neutral filter allows intensity reduction, which protects the specimen.

Objednávacie informácie: 2 year warranty.

Informace o dodávce: All packages include: Leica DM2000 LED microscope, Focusing drive 3-step, Revolving nosepiece 6-fold, Tubes (binocular: Standard tube HC -/4/4; trinocular: Phototube HC L1T 4/5/7), Rubber focus knobs, Condenser lens CL/LS, ErgoStage with Ceramic Plate, Slide holder (one hand slide change), Object clamp for oil immersion, XY-stage control standard, Eyepiece HC PLAN s 10x/22 Br. M, and dust cover.
BF models (packages 1 and 2) additionally include: Condenser CL/PH 0.90/1.25 (Oil, S1, CC), Obj. HI PLAN 4x/0.10, Obj. HI PLAN 10x/0.25, Obj. HI PLAN 20x/0.40, Obj. HI PLAN 40x/0.65, Obj. HI PLAN 100x/1.25 OIL.
PH models (packages 3 and 4) additionally include: Condenser UCL 0.90/1.25 (OIL S1), Set of light rings UCL DF,PH 1/2/3, Obj. HI PLAN 4x/0.10, Obj. HI PLAN 10x/0.25 PH1, Obj. HI PLAN 20x/0.40 PH1, Obj. HI PLAN 40x/0.65 PH2, Obj. HI PLAN 100x/1.25 OIL PH3
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