Centrifuges, benchtop, ventilated/refrigerated, Megafuge® 16 / 40 series

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Centrifuges, benchtop, ventilated/refrigerated, Megafuge® 16 / 40 series
Centrifugy Centrifugy stolní
Megafuge® centrifuges offer exceptional capacity, ergonomics and value for routine sample processing on the bench top. The leading innovative designs enable safe, simple and comfortable everyday operation.

  • Intuitive controls and large super bright LED display simplify operation and programming
  • Auto-Lock® III rotor system - tool-free rotor exchange system facilitating 3 second rotor exchange with just the push of a button, for quickly changing rotors and easy access to rotor chamber for cleaning
  • ClickSeal® biocontainment solution - glove friendly, one handed open and closing with a simple low pressure lever, eliminates screw caps and complicated clips
  • SMARTSpin® technology optimising acceleration, braking and residual load imbalance for maximum safety, smooth runs and reproducible separations

The different rotors enable your lab to meet all processing needs (further details on rotors listed after Multifuge® X series)

TX-200 and TX-400 swing out rotors for Megafuge® 16: With a capacity range of 4×180 ml or 4×400 ml (up to 76 blood tubes or 16 conical tubes in a single run), achieve high configuration flexibility
TX-750 swing out rotor for Megafuge® 40: High capacity (4×750 ml), delivers maximum flexibility at 4700 min-¹ and features a choice of round or rectangular buckets with multiple adapters as well as microplate carriers
TX-1000 swing out rotor for Megafuge® 40: Enables processing 4×1000 ml, 40×50 ml conical tubes, 196 blood tubes or 24 microplates; with corrosion resistant coating
M-20 microplate rotor: Specifically designed for spinning standard and deep well microplates and available with optional transportable vessels for certified biocontainment
BIOShield® rotors: Run frequently used tubes at high speed with the confidence and simplicity of a single, certified biosafety lid
BIOLiner™ High capacity swing out rotor for Multifuge® 40: 40×50 ml Falcon or 196× Vacutainer tubes
CLINIConic® rotor: Spins 30×15 ml round or conical tubes and ensures acceleration and throughput for cell culture and blood separation applications
8×50 ml sealed, fixed angle rotor: Ideal for TB sputum applications, can centrifuge eight conical tubes in individually sealed vessels with rapid acceleration and processing times
Fiberlite™ carbon fibre rotors that offer versatility, speed and robust, corrosion-free design. Accommodate 6×100 ml tubes at 15000 min-¹ (24600 ×g) or 48 microtubes at 25000 ×g

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