HPLC supply-sets, V2.0

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SCTV307313EA 255.64 EUR
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HPLC supply-sets, V2.0
Chromatografické potřeby Chromatography Spare Parts
The HPLC Supply Sets, V2.0 of the premium manufacturer SCAT are attractively priced combinations of equipment for contamination-free supply of HPLC systems with solvents. The sets each consist of a laboratory bottle with GL 45 thread, a SCAT SafetyCap as well as matching capillaries, suction filters and air valves.

  • Customised system with high quality set components
  • SafetyCaps of the premium manufacturer SCAT
  • Laboratory bottles of DURAN® brand
  • Price attractive in comparison with single purchase
  • Ready for use, no further components necessary

SCAT offers a complete system for safe supply and disposal of solvents in analytics. All products are compatible across generations and perfectly matched to each other. This makes SCAT the No. 1 system for solvent safety!

Objednávacie informácie: HPLC Supply-Set I, V2.0: 1×1,5 m capillary 3,2 mm Ext. Ø., 1×PTFE suction filter + air valve
HPLC Supply-Set II, V2.0: 2×1,5 m capillaries 3,2 mm Ext. Ø, 2×PTFE suction filters + air valve
HPLC Supply-Set III, V2.0: 3×1,5 m capillaries 3,2 mm Ext. Ø, 3×PTFE suction filters + air valve

All components can be reordered individually.
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