Fixative Fluo-RAL

Dodávateľ: RAL

RALA362115-1000EA 52.29 EUR
Fixative Fluo-RAL
Barviva Microscopy and staining reagents
Fixative Fluo-RAL is used in Fluo-RAL Kit Fluorescent Staining.

Used in Fluo-RAL Kit Ref 359000

Kit Fluo-RAL offers a rapid method for the identification of mycobacteria or Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB). The penetration by the discolouring agent of the highly specific structure of the wall is hardly possible.

This property enables the AFB to retain the fluorescent yellow-green colour of the auramine after discolouration with acid and alcohol. The other non-acid-alcohol-resistant bacteria and cell elements are counter-stained red thanks to Thiazine Red.
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